About Cognizin/Citicoline Reviews

You may wonder what possessed a person to review choline and nootropic products. The answer is simple. There is no stronger proponent than a converted skeptic. My experience with potions and pills in the past had made me a skeptic of “self help” supplements.

The fact is I had come to believe that maximum performance of body, mind and soul came form a good diet and some exercise. I did and still do drink coffee in the morning. It is more of a morning ritual than a need or belief that caffeine is a big help for me waking up. I am lucky I have always been an early riser and wake easily..

I work from home and have done so for the last 13 years. I know the battles of staying focused on a task and how easy it is for my mind to find non-essential task to do. Also known as shiny object syndrome. This is one of the reasons I have developed the strategy of journaling and meditating in the morning. These two practices tend to get me focused for my day.

A good friend of mine who knows my lifestyle propositioned me to try some nootropics. He was and is very interested in them and thought due to my lifestyle and lack of any other supplements that I consume I could provide some great feedback. Hmmm…. Not really what I was interested in.

I immediately smelled a Pyramid Scheme. I kept waiting for the pitch and the promises. However, I got neither. The fact was he had been reading about nootropics on the internet machine and had started taking some. He said he had some thoughts on how they were affecting him but was searching to find confirmation.

I agreed with him that it was a good idea to have more than one person to evaluate anything. Myself being a huge proponent of the philosophy that our thoughts create our world could easily see how a placebo effect would come into play with nootropics. The whole concept of healing and medicine is something I have some fairly staunch views on.

I let my friend know due to my belief system and philosophy on health and well being I would not make a good candidate to review the nootropics. That being said he asked me if I would be willing to read up on CDP-Choline and Citicoline. He knows I’m a nerd and once the seed was planted he knew I would be researching these two substances.

That night I started my research into CDP-Choline and Citicoline to find out they were the same thing along with Cognizin the branded version of the same substance. For a substance that is supposed to help one focus it seemed ironic it had a minimum of 3 names. I started reading a few studies on citicoline and saw that it was recognized by many in the medical and scientific community.

I found it inspiring and hopeful that it was helping some people with medical conditions that were brain related. I did not delve into the medical aspect of CDP-Choline it was just impossible not to stumble across the experiences people were sharing concerning ADHD, Dementia, Parkinson’s disease and even addressing Cocaine and Methamphetamine addiction.

The timing of this experience is worth noting. All of this had started transpiring in mid March of 2020. As I was studying Citicoline / Cognizin the country and world was experiencing a change like never before. Yes the COVID-19 Epidemic had hit and lock down was now in place.

Working from home and now being joined in my quite sanctuary formerly shared by only my Labrador I was joined by my wife and children. Focus and maintaining my work schedule and habits had been hit with a variable I could have never foreseen. As my shiny object disorder was gaining steam and my production lagging, I called my friend.

I let him know that after researching Citicoline I found it interesting and would be willing to try the supplements and give him my opinion. He welcomed the news and said he would mail them out to me. Yes snail mail had regained its luster when simply stopping by your friends house to pick something up was no longer feasible.

The mail came and the next day I started taking citicoline supplements. I started out at 250mg and had no real expectations. The first day I thought I had a bit more energy. I wrote this off as just becoming more used to the lockdown and the fact I had a good day. The next day I awoke a bit earlier than usual. ( I always awake before the alarm)

Another day and again a bit more sustained energy than normal and I noticed I was surprised how fast time had went when I looked at the clock on two occasions that morning. That night dreams were more lucid in the pre-waking hours. I enjoyed this as I love dreams and am infatuated with the sub-conscious mind.

One of my favorite Einstein quotes is “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and forgotten the gift” Based on this philosophy you can see how lucid dreams and meditation could play into my positive view of Citicoline.

I continued my use of citicoline and found my focus, my memory and my creative mind all have benefitted. I have been inspired to delve more into the world of nootropics and share my thoughts and experiences. I have never had a review blog or found it necessary to share my thoughts and feelings on a product or topic on the internet.

I have created this website to help share the benefits of nootropics not only for the realization that they can increase focus. The fact is they have woken up creative parts of my mind that had laid dormant. The experiences I share on this website are just my experiences and opinions, they do not reflect any medical or scientific views. You will find links to information such as studies and research done by people who are qualified in these fields.

I am sharing my experience because it has been a very positive change in my life. It may be worth your time to try a nootropic. If so please read our reviews and information and maybe you can benefit from our experience.