Citicoline Reviews

Cognizin / Citicoline Reviews

Citicoline – Cognizin – CDP-Choline Reviews. You may be confused as to the difference in these. Throw in the name Cytidine diphosphate choline and choline just to complicate it a bit more. Let’s clear up the names and substances before we review anything.

Citicoline, CDP Choline, Cytidine diphosphate choline are all the same substance. Coginizin is the Trademark branded name for all of the above. Choline does not contain Cytidine. Choline helps with brain function cytidine is useful once the it is converted into uridine.

These reviews focus on products that contain Citicoline / Cognizin. Any choline products must contain Cytidine or it is not reviewed.

Cognizin / Citicoline has become recognized as an excellent nootropic source. The addition of Cytidine to Choline has made it a favorite Choline Cocktail. Many of the products we reviewed contain additives also known as stackers / cocktails.

A key aspect of this review to is to find the nootropic containing citicoline that is synthesized with the best ingredients / stackers. We focus on the nootropic and overall effect we found including mood, any stomach or digestion issues etc…

It is our goal to provide the best overall objective review of the top products we tested that contain Cognizin / Citicoline.

Our review of Cognizin / Citicoline is purely based on the nootropic value. Citicoline / Cognizin has shown promise in treatment of Parkinson’s, ADD, ADHD, Dementia and Alzheimer’s we are not Doctors and are making no claims or reviews based on treatment of any disease or illness.

We reviewed both products using Cognizin Branded Citicoline and non-branded Citicoline. We used the minimum / recomended dose of each product.

We reviewed the following products.

Life Extension

Cognizin CDP Choline Caps 250mg

Jarrow Formulas Citicoline CDP Choline 250mg

Carlyle Citicoline CDP Choline 500mg

Healthy Origins Cognizin Citicoline 250mg

Zazzee Citicoline CDP Choline 300mg

Bestvite Cognizin Citicoline 500mg

EZ Melts Citicoline with Cognizin 250mg

Purisure Citicoline with Cognizin 250mg

longlifenutri Citicoline CDP Choline 300mg

Cognizin or Citicoline / CDP Choline?

We reviewed 4 Cognizin products and 5 CDP Choline products. Our reviewers noticed a positive difference from all products used. Focus, clear thinking and feeling sharper for extended time was a general conclusion. We found whether it be Cognizin, Citicoline / CDP Choline the products worked.

What may coma as a surprise is that we did not find a noticeable difference between the Branded Cognizin products and the Citicoline products. We did prefer some products over others however the difference between branded Citicoline (Cognizin) and Generic Citicoline was not the difference maker.

Dosage – Is More Better?

The other variable in the reviews was the different dosages of CDP Choline. We had 2 products with 500mg of Citicoline. One product used Cognizin and one product the generic Citicoline.

The 500mg dosage was double the majority of the products reviewed. This seems on the surface that these products would have more impact on the nootropic benefits. In our reviews we found no greater cognitive enhancement than the 250ml dosage.

We then researched some studies and found that this is not unusual for the nootropic effect for CDP Choline. We found several examples and stories of people taking higher dosages when addressing issue such as dementia, Parkinson’s ADD, and Alzheimer’s. This review was based on the nootropic value of persons with no known brain injuries or problems.

Tablets, Sublingual’s and Powders

The last variable in our reviews was method of consumption. The majority of the products came in capsules. This seems to be the preferred method people use when taking supplements. There are known benefits to sublingual’s and it held true when reviewing Citicoline.

Both the sublingual and the powder form were felt quicker by the majority of our reviewers. The EZ Melts had a nice flavor (sweetness with no sugar) to them. The powder was almost tasteless and super water soluble. The powder had to be measured out which took a minute however it would be easy to increase or decrease your dosage.

Bang For Your Buck

The fact we found no substantial difference in Branded Citicoline and generic combined with no noticeable difference in dosage really made it a matter of value for our final review rankings. We also noticed a couple of ingredients in some of the products we thought worth pointing out.

Our Top Picks

longlifenutri – Citicoline CDP Choline 300mg
Lonlifenutri -CDP Choline 300mg

The nootropic effect was good. The price point at .23 cents for 300mg was the best value. All vegetable capsule and lack of fillers make this our top pick

Purisure – CDP Choline Powder

Fast acting, easy to scale dosage and 250mg of pure CDP Choline (no fillers) at .25 for 250mg made this a favorite for us.

Jarrow Formulas Citicoline CDP Choline 250mg

Effective product and a trusted brand name at great value. 250mg capsule for .25

Zazzee – Citicoline CDP Choline 300mg

All Natural and effective product 300mg for .24 We would like it better if it did not contain rice powder, rice hulls, acacia powder and sunflower oil as fillers.

EZ Melts – Citicoline wit Cognizin 250mg

Quality product and has benefits none of the others do. Fast acting sublingual and you get to enjoy the taste of helping your brain. 250mg for .53

Carlyle – Citicoline CDP Choline 500mg

If you need a higher dosage than 250mg or 300mg this is the product for you. Effective product has a rice powder filler but good value at 500mg for .38

Bestvite – Cognizin Citicoline 500mg

Another very good product if you need the higher dosage. Use Ascorbyl Palmitate a vitamin C based filler and vegetable based capsule 500mg for .51

Healthy Origins – Cognizin Citicoline 250mg

Scratching our heads on why the manufacture pays more for branded Citicoline and the uses (Microcrystalline cellulose) (MCC) refined wood pulp as a filler. 250mg for .20 maybe the beast deal if you don’t mind fillers

Life Extension – Cognizin CDP-Choline Caps 250mg

Again using name brand Cognizin with (Microcrystalline cellulose) (MCC) for a filler at more than double the cost of Healthy Origins Brand 250mg for .45